Ajyal Youth Film Festival, 2017

Ajyal Youth Film Festival is Doha Film Institute’s annual event, held over six days at the Katara Cultural Centre. The festival showcases some of the best in international family-friendly cinema, bringing cinema enthusiasts of all ages together for an entertaining and inspirational experience. 

The intention behind the creatives was to develop friendly characters that would communicate to attendees of all ages, local as well as international. Since this was the fifth Ajyal, it felt important to illustrate on how monumental this event has been in the community. Five illustrations were created to articulate the 5 crucial values of Ajyal- 5 years of Curiosity, 5 years of Empowerment, 5 years of Joy, 5 years of Film and 5 years of Friendship. The falcon, which is Qatar’s national bird, is both beloved and majestic and was selected as the principal mascot for the event. These illustrations became the visuals for the brand campaign of the event.

For an example of how the illustrations were used in Ajyal’s campaign take a look at this really cute animation

Curiosity Final-01
Empowerment Final-01
Joy Final-01
Film Final-01
Friendship Final-01