Qumra 2017

Qumra, a film event hosted by Doha Film Institute, is an initiative that seeks to provide mentorship, nurturing, and hands-on development for filmmakers from Qatar and around the world. The primary motive of this international gathering of creative film professionals is to contribute to the development of emerging voices in cinema, with a special focus on first- and second-time filmmakers, alongside a series of screenings for Doha audiences featuring films by international masters and recipients of support from the Institute.

A team was brought together in Doha which was responsible for designing and delivering the key communication elements required. The process involved first developing the concept and general look and feel of the event. This was then followed by its application on digital campaigns, marketing tools, publications, as well as branding for the venue.
Inspired by the shutter of a camera the form was derived and then further explored in treatment and representation. The final concept integrated the form with stills from the projects being presented at the festival.


There were three publications in English and Arabic, and one in English only, cataloguing all the projects, delegates and schedules. The idea behind the publication covers was to create some sort of continuity between them. In the past, the covers formed a whole puzzle when placed together. That system was carried forward for this year’s Qumra as well.

marketing spread

Various tools were developed for marketing which included notebooks, totes, tshirts for staff members and volunteers. These formed part of the package handed out to every event attendee and visiting delegate.


Venue Branding
The event took place between the Souq Waqif, a charming traditional marketplace, and the Museum of Islamic Art, a beautiful building designed by architect I. M. Pei. The graphics for the venue had to seamlessly integrate with the environment while effectively provide wayfinding and branding for the event guests.

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