Little Lili White’s Trip

This is a book written and illustrated for a classroom assignment at National Institute of Design. The story reads in the form of a poem.


Little Lili White’s Trip

Little Lili White in her neck had a crick.
Of always looking up she was very sick
Because Lili White, was the size of a bite
and so in her neck she had a crick.

Her brothers at her did giggle.
They always called her a little nickle
They never took her out, which made her pout
as down her cheek ran a trickle.

So off she ran into her orange forest
to hide her tears from the rest.
She ran to hide, away from the snide.
She ran to the warmth of the forest’s breast.

Running, running, she tripped on a log.
She blinked, blinked to see through the fog.
She pushed hair back, was taken aback
on seeing an old ant knitting along.

Welcome, my child, said the old ant,
take a deep breath, you will stop the pant.
The world moves past, almost too fast.
But you needn’t run for it, said the old ant.

So Lili White picked herself up off the ground.
Bid adieu and took the path that wound
around a large tree, a brooke she could see
accompanied by the splashing sound.

Sitting on the mossy bank, down she peered.
Out of nowhere a big fish appeared.
Smiling she reached in, shook hands with him.
Come in, he said, as he scratched his beard.

How about I play a little tune for you,
Perhaps then you wouldn’t be so blue.
He pulled out a flute, gave it a little tout
and blew out a song of you know who.

Lili White smiled at the sound so sweet.
Feeling much happier, she got onto her feet.
She waded away, to the light of the day.
The merry sunshine she did greet.

A path away, a cave she saw.
At its black mouth she set her jaw.
Pushed her shoulders back, put her fear in a pack
and walked right into the cave’s yaw.

She strained to see through the black.
Slowly in the dark she got her vision back.
A bit of yellow, with a hiss of hello
a snake she saw ready to attack.

What do you want, asked the snake.
I am alone, and it makes me ache.
We are all alone, but you needn’t mourn
for your mother has made you a chocolate cake.

Run along now to your mother.
With such trivial things you shouldn’t bother.
Find your light, for it you must fight
and live your life free of smother.

She walked out into the sudden light.
On her way home a field she saw to her right.
She walked through, the poppies blew
in the late evening’s windy might.

As she walked, she felt very heady.
Her entire body felt very heavy.
So down she sat, on the poppy mat.
Her head for sleep seemed ready.

Through the haze, a shadow seemed
to float towards her slightly gleamed.
She blinked twice, sat up with a fright.
A dragonfly flew towards her all beamed.

She fluttered to a poppy on which she sat.
She smiled at Lili White and her lashes did bat.
Who are you, from where did you flew,
asked Lili White, sleepy as a cat.

You are you, no matter who you are today.
Today I am a poppy, you might say.
And the dragonfly winked, Lili White blinked
as she watched her smile and flutter away.

Lili White, suddenly feeling wide awake
decided it was time for home to make.
The sun had almost set, but late it wasn’t yet.
Dinner would be ready and there would be steak.

She reached home to see the snake had been right.
On the table sat a chocolate cake of great might.
Her family started to sing, a song with a happy ring,
happy birthday, dearest Lili White.